Welcome to ADA! To assist both your child and our instructors, the following policies will be enforced. Thank you for your attention and understanding of the policies.

Students can be dropped off in front of the ADA entrance (age appropriate) or walked inside by parent. If walking your student in, your car must be parked in an ADA parking space or in a space on the street. No one can leave car unattended for any amount of time to come inside. This blocks other parents that are trying to drop their student off in a timely fashion.

Please arrive promptly, but no more than five minutes prior to class time. Return to pick up your student several minutes before class time ends. Students cannot be left unattended in ADA lobby. No one is allowed in ADA lobby during class time. No exceptions.

No cell phones allowed in ADA lobby. In consideration of others, please complete all cell phone conversations prior to entering ADA.

Please remember that our instructors and office staff cannot be responsible for your child before or after their class. Your child’s instructor has another class starting immediately or is eager to get home to her family. Thank you for your consideration for both your child and our instructors.

Students are not allowed to wait outside…at any age.

Please make certain that your child visits the restroom just before class. This allows your child to get uninterrupted instruction for the full class.

Please make certain that your child has proper dancewear. This includes tights, leotard and proper dance shoes. If students arrive for class without proper attire, they will be allowed to observe class that day, but not participate. This is for your child’s safety as well as part of the discipline of dance. HAIR MUST BE PULLED BACK FOR ALL CLASSES. Ballet students must wear hair in a bun and all others must have hair in a high ponytail or neatly pulled back and secured from the face if not long enough for bun or ponytail.

Please write student’s name on all attire and accessories, including tights, leotards, skirts, shoes, and dance bags.

Dance shoes cannot be worn outside of the ADA studio. This saves your student’s shoes and also protects our special dance floors. Please be certain your student enters and exits ADA in street shoes.

ADA cannot be responsible for student’s items brought in their dance bags (i.e. Ipods, cell phones, cameras, etc.) Since none of these items are allowed in ADA, please leave all valuables at home.

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Tuition not received by the 10th of the month must include the $25 late fee. With an outstanding balance over 30 days, the student will not be allowed to attend class(es) until fees are current.

If a student wishes to withdraw, a written notice must be sent one month in advance. No refunds are granted for classes not attended.

The Academy of Dance Arts charges a $30 NSF fee on all returned checks. Your student will not be permitted to attend class(es) until the check has been paid by cash or credit card, including the $30 NSF fee. After the 2nd returned check, your account will be placed on a cash or credit card only basis for payments.

We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, or money orders as forms of payment.